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That's how our friend, Wendy, describes a Minnie. We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

However, before explaining more precisely what a Minnie IS, this is what a Minnie is NOT:
It is NOT a cupcake.
It is NOT a petit four.
It is NOT a major commitment.

A Minnie IS a 1 1/4"-square, two-layer bite-sized cake composed of two delicious, individually baked moist cakes; eight generous dollops of icing; and a luscious topping. A finished Minnie stands a proud 2 1/4" high and is easy and almost mess-free to eat. You just pop it into your mouth—no wasted paper casing and no fork necessary (unless you have really refined manners). And when a Minnie lands on your tongue, it unleashes an explosion of intensely exquisite flavor and velvety texture, the likes of which you have never experienced!

Because Minnies are little one-bite wonders, you can indulge in a number of them in one sitting (or standing). That means you don't have to make that difficult decision about what flavor to try; choose three or four from our rotating menu of over 20 tempting cakes and more than 15 icing selections. Minnies allow you to treat your senses to a taste adventure.

For those who occasionally have a craving for only one particular flavor and desire a more serious, if temporary, involvement, you can special order "Big Minnies"—2 1/8"-square x 3 1/4"-high versions (with 18 dollops of icing).

We have very high standards at Minnie's. We only use ingredients that we consume ourselves. That means the best ingredients possible go into all of our cakes:

You've never seen or tasted anything like Minnies. So, move over cupcakes, we are the newest, the best and the prettiest kids on the block!

Minnie's Bake Shop

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