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QI know this is a silly question, cause I doubt there will be any cakes left by the time I get home, BUT. . . in the unlikely event that a cake or two do remain (or if I have to save them for dessert or take them to someone’s home), how do I store them?

A If you’re going to be serving the cakes the same day, just stick them in the refrigerator. About 15 minutes before serving, allow them to come to room temperature. Then share!

Q Can I freeze Minnies?

A Absolutely! Our cakes are so moist, they can withstand Arctic freezers for up to two months! Keep the Minnies in their original box, wrap tightly in plastic wrap, then wrap again in a ziplock bag. If you want to remove one, two or a few, take them out of the box, rewrap tightly, and allow Minnies to come to room temperature before eating.

Q Besides online, where do you sell Minnies?

A Watch for updates about places around the city where you can buy our products.

Q I can’t have gluten—does Minnie’s make stuff I can eat?

A Yes! Yes, we do! We now offer a large selection of our cakes in gluten-free versions (soon, all of them will be available gluten-free) and ALL of our Minnie Sticks are made with and without wheat flour.

Q Excuse me, but I’m vegan—what about me?

A This is a little tougher than gluten-free. We’re almost happy with our vegan cakes; however, the icing is another story. We just haven’t developed an icing formula yet that is good enough to put on a Minnie. We’re hard at work on this and hope to have something for our vegan friends very soon. And, as far as Minniesticks go, we’re VERY close! The cookies, as they’re made now, contain no eggs and only a small amount of dairy. We’re still experimenting, but we should have vegan Minniesticks in the near future.

Q I live in Minneapolis. How can I get some Minnies?

A We love Minnesota, but at this point we don’t ship our cakes anywhere. They’re very delicate, and we haven’t figured out how to pack them so that they reach their destinations just as pretty as when they left our kitchens. This might make you happy, though—we now ship our Minnie Sticks!

Q So, where’s your store going to be?

A We don’t know yet, but it will be somewhere in Manhattan.

Q When’s it going to open?

A Again, we don’t know. We have to find the perfect space and raise a little money first.

Q How can I help get it open even faster?

A Watch for our announcements about our Kickstarter project. As soon as that’s ready, everyone will be welcome to help out in any way.

Minnie's Bake Shop

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