Minnie's Bake Shop


Minnie’s Bake Shop was started by Cathy Cook, who, for close to two decades, worked as a prop stylist on photo shoots for magazines, advertising and cookbooks. Her specialties included food, still life and interiors. After years of creating beautiful tablescapes for hundreds of cakes, scores of Thanksgiving pies and too-numerous-to-count Christmas cookies (among mass quantities of other foods), Cathy decided to fulfill her lifelong desire to attend pastry school. So, while still working full-time, she enrolled in the Professional Pastry Program at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York, where she attended classes four nights a week for eight months. After completing school, she did externships and held positions at such bakeries as Soutine, Magnolia and Betty in Brooklyn.

Cathy launched Minnie’s Bake Shop in 2012, named for her great-grandmother, who taught her how to bake, as well as for a beloved cat. Today, Cathy produces some of the most delicious and original desserts that have ever emerged from an oven, including Minnies, Minnie Sticks, Whoops! and big-Minnie cakes. They’re perfect for any occasion, both large and small. Keep them on-hand for feel-good any-time treats. All of Minnie’s products are available here .

Minnie's Bake Shop

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