Minnie's Bake Shop

Not only are our 3” Minnie Pies incredibly delicious, they’re absolutely adorable! And who doesn’t want to eat a really cute, yummy pie? The crusts are buttery and flaky, and the fillings burst with exceptional flavor. Some pies are packaged with additional toppings, such as freshly whipped cream or caramel drizzle, that you can add to your heart’s delight.
We also do you’ll-never-know-they’re-gluten-free pies. Just ask!

Year-round pies: Banana Cream, Chocolate Pecan, Chocolate Almond, Coconut Cream, Chocolate Cream, Lemon Cream, Orange Cream, Lime Cream, Bakewell

Spring/summer pies: Blueberry Crumble, Cherry-Almond, Strawberry, Key Lime (June-August), Peach Crumble

Fall/winter pies: Apple Crumble, Cranberry-Apple (with or without nuts), Blood Orange(December-March), Meyer Lemon (November-March), Pumpkin-Praline, Maple Pecan, Bourbon Chocolate Pecan, Eggnog

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Minnie's Bake Shop

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